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Hello everyone. I am temporarily back from an extremely long absence for what may be the last time, for this account I mean. And I will do my best in trying to explain everything linking to why.

Mainly; the reason why I am moving to a new account is due to what memories I have with what is in this account, my many Hetalia fanfictions. Meaning that Hetalia has become a horrible reminder of a very, and I mean VERY, toxic friendship I had with the person who introduced me to it and kept me into it as much as I was. I still like Hetalia as a series, it's just the memories that it triggers that I can barely stand and slip into a deep depression-like state... So moving my account is a form of moving on from these memories. 

Another reason in why I am leaving this account is that since this has almost entirely Hetalia content; I have absolutely no creativity or motivation left over that would help me create any more fanfictions or fanart for the Hetalia fandom. As much as I enjoyed creating these fanfictions and fanart images; I just have no more creativity or real motivation in making it. Every time I try to; I end up thinking of nothing good for a long time and then I end up giving up. 

This also means I won't be continuing any stories that have no real ending, or possibility of a continuation of the stories. Ashamed 
These stories include:
Romano X OC: A Red String Through Time
Norway X Blind!Reader
France X Reader Spinoff

This doesn't mean that I'll be deleting this account, just not using it actively. I am sorry for the inconvenience of this. I hope you all are understanding for my reasons.

If you are interested; you can go an take a peek at my new account: Ezralyn

Thank you for your time,
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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I dream to be a writer.
I am a tomboy, and a HUGE pervert!
I a Romano cosplayer and roleplayer.
I consider France and England my teachers.
I Support FrUK, Germancest, DenNor, S. Korea X Belarus, Itacest (My OTP), Frain, Spuk, PruHun
My least favorite pairing are (ANY pairings that involve Romano or Veneziano, except for Itacest),
My favorite Hetalia characters are South Italy (Romano) and North Italy (Veneziano)

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wow...three comments in a row.....never thought i would do sorry, but you have been tagged......again. Plz go to my journal to see! ^^"
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hey! wanna join a7c? (Anime 7 Cosplay) Rachel n i started it! GO SMALL COSPLAY GROUP THAT I CAME UP WITH THE NAME OF THAT DOESN'T REALLY MEAN ANYTHING BUT HAS GEOGRAPHICAL MEANING FOR SOME SORT!!! lol. plus! I gots meh hair died. it is now red! lol DERP! idk
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It's this dumbass tagging thing on DA where you tag 5 other random DA users by linking them to your page, your friends if you want and post an entry stating the tag rules and 25 random facts about yourself. It's never happened to me b4 and I'm SOOO sorry i tagged you! I feel bad but it's easy just read the rules and link them to your page with the Tagged Entry like mine to 5 other users.

Go to my page copy the entry into one of your own with your own 25 facts and to 'tag' someone give them a link to your page and do it to only 5 other users.

I'm very sorry i didn't want this to happen it just did! Did i say i was sorry (I apologize too much)
We're still friends right?
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Ah, alright. And it's fine, you don't need to apologize. :)
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butthea Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
You do any requests or art trades?
KreyaKrelllis142 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student Writer
I'll do Hetalia X reader fanfic requests if that answers your question.
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